Exercise: 5km Speed work – (8’s Blue)

Met Michelle at the track this morning for some “speed” work 😀

We did a warm up and then 5 sets of 200 metres fast with a 400 metre recovery.

Looking back, the last time I did any running was the last time I’d met Michelle at the track 😳

So moving forward I do have some 2010 running goals. Thought I’d list them so that I don’t forget what they are when lack of motivation takes over again 🙄

Run for the Kids – 14km

This is one of my favourite runs and I’ve done it every year since it started.

Gold Coast Marathon/Half Marathon

Haven’t made up my mind about this one yet. Can I get off my fat a*se to actually do enough training for a marathon??? Either way, I will be on the Gold Coast 😀

Ultra Round The Tan – 53km

Another event that I really enjoyed doing. If I can get in the training for the GC Marathon then I’ll have a good enough base to continue on and be fit enough to do this event too.

Traralgon 6 hour Track

Something I’ve never done before. Running around a track for 6 hours. I reckon if I can run around the Tan for 6 hours then I can run around a track for 6 hours 😀

So that’s it. Laid out bare.

Oh yeah, there’s just that little Oxfam Trailwalker event to get through as well. I’m hoping that I can do all my running around the Oxfam walk training. Might mean that my long run will be on a different day to my walk training. Juggle, juggle, juggle 😀