Exercise: 22.5km Walk – Grants Picnic Ground to Mt Evelyn (Excursions)

I texted Shells yesterday afternoon to see if she wanted to go for a walk this morning and she accepted 😀

So we met at Mt Evelyn, left one car there, drove up to Grants Picnic Ground, where we started.

It was a nice morning, overcast and a bit cool, but there was plenty of fauna and flora around to keep us occupied.

Spied this cute little rabbit (sorry about the picture but I had to zoom in as he was a bit far away)

Then there were the Parrots. Loads of them around Sassafras

We also came across this monster of a Mushroom

Then there were a few obstacles to get over

And who put this bloody great big hill in the way. I’m not sure if it would have been harder to walk up it, but walking down it certainly got the blood pumping 😯

The photos don’t really show you how steep it really was, but believe me, it was steep!!

And of course, where else would you park your helicopter but in the back yard 😯

This part of the trail is probably the hardest part, including Hacketts Road, which once again showed me that my fitness is not what it used to be 😳

Also did a new part of the trail that has been added this year. I just hope that it’s still light when we do this section otherwise it’s going to be fun in the dark 😯