Exercise: 31km Walk – Warby Trail (Supanovas)

I’d mentioned to the TW girls that it may rain today so be prepared.

Of course when I left home there was no sign of rain, but driving up there, you guessed it, the rain started and guess who wasn’t dressed for rain 🙄

Luckily it didn’t last long and by the time we set off it was dry again. In fact that was all the rain there was for the rest of the walk, although it did try and rain on the way back, but there was only about 2 drops 🙄

Once again though, the flies were out to annoy the hell out of us. The insect repellent was not doing it’s job today 😡

We walked up to the loos at Woori Yallock and decided to sit on some benches and have a bite to eat.

Cilla wasn’t feeling too good at this point, but being the trooper that she was, just sucked it up (along with a can of coke) and carried on 😀

Not many Trailwalkers out but plenty of cyclists!

I forgot to strap my foot, so it was a little bit sore when we finished, but nothing that a bit of ice won’t fix 😀

Fundraising is going well. Have made 2 lots of Muffins and Biscuits to take to work, both times selling out very quickly. Made more muffins this afternoon (Coffe & Choc Chip) along with a Ginger and White Chocolate Slice (very heavy and sickly sweet!!).

And of course if you would like to donate to the team, just click on the icon to the left 😀

Oh yeah, I am now addicted to Mahjong on Nintendo DS 😳