Exercise: 5km Run – Croydon Track (8’s Blue)

Ah yes, how could I forget what doing speed work felt like 🙄

Michelle mentioned yesterday morning during our run that she wanted to try and fit some speed work into her running schedule, so we organised to meet at the track this morning.

Now I haven’t done any speed work since I was training for my first marathon, so you can imagine how my body reacted when I tried to do some 200 metre sprints 😯


We did 5 I think, followed by a 400 metre recovery. I was almost ready to puke by the last one 😳

Still, if it increases my fitness and helps Michelle too, then I’m in for the long run (miss my long runs with Michelle 😦 )

I think I’m now well and truly organised for Christmas. Both Hubby and my tax return came back just at the right time 😀

All my food has been bought (okay fresh stuff I’ll get just before Xmas Day), presents for Alana all done and dusted, went to Dan Murphy today and stocked up on Champers, Baileys, JD and Red Wine 😀

Just need to get through the family get together next weekend and then I can relax and let my hair down!!

Okay, I need suggestions for a Kris Kringle present for a 55 year old woman. $10 limit. Any good ideas? And if you know where I work, I’d like something that I can’t buy from the company 😀