Exercise: 6km Run – MMCT (Trigons)

It was fairly cool this morning and I nearly considered wearing a jacket, but knew that before I’d run a km I’d be dragging it off as be too hot 🙄

Legs felt very heavy. And it felt like we were flying along, yet when we finished, the Garmin showed that we’d definitely not set any new speed records 😳

Work is still frustratingly busy, especially with Suppliers closing down over Xmas. Alot of work has to go into ensuring that there is plenty of stock in all the stores over the Xmas period, and as well that, we have to also ensure that all of the promotional stock is ordered before all the closures take place 🙄

Bootcamp has been cancelled again due to rain. Have you noticed that there’s been rain and thunderstorms at the same time and day for the last 3 weeks 😯