Exercise: 6km Run – MMCT (8’s Blue)

I love that it is light at 5.30am. I love that it’s warm at 5.30am. I love that there aren’t many people around at 5.30am 😀

Michelle and I both joked last night that we were going to run this morning, no matter how many excuses we could come up with, so it was pretty much a certainty that neither of us was going to pike out 🙄

My calf is much better now. Amazing what stretching can do!!

I may have done something silly at work though. I wore really high heels (5″) and now my right butt is aching. May have to lay off the big heels for a little while if it’s aggravating the glute 😦

How weird is this. I was standing in the work Cafe today getting some lunch when a woman came up to me and asked me if I was who I am (does that make sense??). I didn’t recognise her at first but then she told me her name and we had actually worked together in Richmond in 1987. Can you believe that!! She recognised me!!! She works in the building next to where I work (both companies share a Cafe) so we’re going to catch up for lunch soon 😀