Exercise: GAR 15km Run – Albert Park (8’s Blue)

I went to bed fairly early last night so that I got a decent amount of sleep. Unfortunately there were some moron neighbours letting off fireworks every hour from about 10pm onwards 😡

It rained pretty much all night and it was raining when I woke up too. My initial reaction was to text everyone and say that I wasn’t going to run, but I checked the weather radar and the city looked fairly clear!

Gave Corrie a lift into town, arriving fairly early so that we got a car park. The organisers had scared me into believing that it was going to be hard to find a car park, so I was surprised to find one what I thought was fairly close to the start. It was only when we actually walked over to Albert Park that I realised it was probably about 2km away 🙄

Found Shells and Cilla at the bag drop off area. We wandered up to the start line, starting fairly near the back to avoid congestion. The weather was good too. No rain 😀

Shells was looking for a PB so ran at her pace, which was a bit faster than what Cilla and I were running. I was quite happy to run at this pace as I haven’t done 15km for a while and I thought it would be a good way of easing back into a longer distance.

We got to about the 5km mark and it started pouring with rain. I actually didn’t mind it as it cooled me down a bit. Loved running down Anderson Street as it gave me the opportunity to stretch my legs out. Saw Mr Wombat there doing his bit as a Volunteer 😀

I could see that Cilla was starting to tire at about the 12km mark, so I tried to encourage her with my singing and dancing 😀 Not sure that actually helped though 😳

We finally rounded the bend back into Albert Park, where we could hear the music and see the finish line. It was great to cross the line with Cilla. She did an amazing job of carrying on, even though she was hurting.

Also caught up with Mrs Wombat who was there to cut off the timing chips. Just a small blonde moment when I put up the wrong foot to get my chip removed….DOH!

Legs are feeling good, although my calves are a little bit tight where I tried to run on my toes mostly.

The TW girls after the run!

Mr and Mrs Wombat