Exercise: 6km Run – Local Streets (8’s Blue)


Got up early to meet Michelle for a run this morning. I was actually meeting her 15 minutes later than we normally do as we were running a shorter distance but I hadn’t changed my alarm, so I got up at the normal time. Checked my phone (which was on silent) and there was no text from Michelle so I continued to get ready.

Got in the car and was about 1km up the road when something in my head said “check your phone”. Sure enough there was a text from Michelle saying she couldn’t make it. It had been sent about 3 minutes after I’d checked it when I first got out of bed. Of course it would make sense as Michelle would have got up a little bit later! I’m not sure why I didn’t check it again before I left, especially as it was on silent 😳

So I turned the car around and headed home again. Now I had a bit of a decision to make when I got home. I knew that if I went back inside the house I probably wouldn’t go back out for a run, so instead I just stashed the keys to the car and ran. It was a bit of a slog but I still did it 😀