Exercise: 8km Run – Work to Home (8’s Blue)

I had told people throughout the day that I was going to run home, which I thought would keep me honest. BUT, I did waver at about 3.30pm as the thought went through my head that I could drive home and then go out for a run when I got home (it was never going to happen!!).

It was only when I actually stopped and thought about how I felt that I realised I did in fact want to run home. I could think of no good reason not to run. I had all my running gear, it was perfect weather, I could leave my car in a secure car park – nope, there were just no excuses I could think of that would make me change my mind.

I wasn’t sure how long the run was as I’ve never run home from work. I started to struggle a little bit when I got over Mt Dandenong Road. There are a few little rises that just sneak up on you 😯

Hubby is going to drive me to work tomorrow, although I did toy with the idea of running back to work in the morning with my clothes in a rucksack and having a shower there. The thought didn’t last long 😀