Exercise: 12km Walk – Local Streets (Sequences)

My Garmin died about 1km into our walk tonight so until I measure it on map my run, I don’t know how far we walked 🙄

(Edit: 12km!!)

TW Michelle and I met a bit later than usual as Hubby was working today, so the temperature was quite cool by the time we started out.

A fairly flat route tonight, walking a new section that we hadn’t walked before. We chickened out of walking along a secluded trail and opted for the street lit footpaths instead 😀

A nice sunset meant some good photos 😀

I also did some cooking yesterday, making a batch of Banana & Choc Chip Muffins (my best ones to date!!) and also made a couple of Salmon and Proscutto (sp?) Parcels. I spread some Tomato Pesto underneath the Salmon and then drizzled some lemon juice on top. Both Hubby and Alana loved them, which was good to hear. (I don’t like fish so didn’t know how they would taste!!).