Exercise: 6km Run – MMCT (8’s Blue)

Got up early this morning to meet Michelle for an early run. It’s been a while!!

OMG, it was a struggle. I thought it was my lack of fitness (which it probably was in part!) but when I got back in the car to drive home, the newsreader said that it was already 30 degrees and it was only 6am 😯

I am very underprepared for the GAR next weekend. I will be running very slowly, just so as I make it round the course without crumpling into a heap at the end (which I may very well do anyway!!).

I also have to go and pick up my race t-shirt from either Doncaster Shoppingtown or Bourke Street. Either way I have to make a specific journey, which will involve lots of driving, people and crowds 😡

Decided to give all my running caps a wash before the summer starts. They were all pretty dirty with lots of salt stains on them. What do you mean, doesn’t everyone have this many caps 😳