Exercise: Bootcamp (Trigons)

Would you believe that I was actually looking forward to doing Bootcamp tonight 😀

A much smaller turnout tonight, which wasn’t a bad thing.

Much of the same warm up from last week, but tonight our circuit consisted of arm work 😯

I just know I’m going to feel it tomorrow! Luckily I don’t have to lift my arms to type on the computer so movement of arms should be minimal 😀

I had lunch with my bestest buddy Michelle today. It’s been ages since we caught up and between the two of us, nobody else would have been able to get a word in edge wise!!

I received my race pack in the mail for The Great Australian Run. I suppose I’d better get my fat a*se out the door and actually do some running 🙄

I hope everyone did well with their bets for the Melbourne Cup. Right from when I first saw the form guide I knew I was going to back Shocking. I may have made a bit of noise watching the race yesterday afternoon, which the neighbours may have heard too 😳