Exercise: Spring Into Shape 8.4km Run – (Sequences)

It’s amazing how quickly the weather changes. Yesterday was fantastic. The sun was out, the wind wasn’t too cold and it was a comfortable warmth.

Today it was bloody cold again, with showers too 😡

Made it up to town with plenty of time to spare so I sat in the car for a while trying to keep warm. Probably didn’t help much that I was wearing a running skirt rather than a pair of running pants, but I was feeling very optimistic when I got dressed this morning 🙄

My original plan was to run the whole series doing 4km, but Cilla asked if I’d run the 8km, and I was happy to oblige as I need to start doing further distances if I’m going to run the GAR next month 😯

We both had a quick (free) massage before the run, me just getting my calves warmed up 😀

Then we were off and running. As we were a bit further back in the field, it didn’t feel too congested and we didn’t have to stop and walk at any bottlenecks this time (they were doing footworks last time).

A really pleasant, enjoyable run, with the sun even appearing briefly. I pretty much talked Cilla’s ear off too 😳