Exercise: 16.6km Walk – MMCT (Trigons)

Was a bit chilly at 6.30 this morning 😯

Met TW Michelle at my place and we walked to the Ringwood end of MMCT. Even at 7am it was fairly busy, with lots of bike riders and dog walkers.

Didn’t take too long to warm up, with the sun out and a brisk walk happening 😀

Had a pleasant afternoon wandering around a few nursery’s, looking at what plants are around just to get some ideas on what to plant in our garden once it’s had it’s makeover!!

I bought a couple of Roses, one being a ‘Mystery Rose’, where the tag had come off and it hadn’t flowered yet, so nobody knew what type it was. Looking forward to seeing what colour it turns out to be 😀

Meeting Cilla tomorrow for the 2nd SIS fun run. They mentioned showers 😦