Exercise: 6km Run – DCT (8’s Blue)

All hail the lunch time run 😀

Yep, I finally got the, what would you say, probably courage, to get my ar*e out there for a run during lunch.

My original lack of motivation came because I didn’t know where the gate was to actually get to the trail. You have to go through the car park (not the same one that I park in, it’s the one on the other side of the building), so it’s all unfamiliar territory on that side and I didn’t want to walk around the car park like an idiot trying to find the gate 😳
Stupid excuse I know, but that’s the plain and simple truth.

Today was going to be different. I knew this morning that it was going to be a nice day, and I brought all my running stuff with me into the building so I wouldn’t have to go back out to the car to get it. I also told a few of my work colleagues that I was going to run, so it would have looked pretty lame if I hadn’t gone!

To say that the run was a whole lot of effort would be an understatement. It hurt….badly!! There were a few walk breaks, and did I mention that it hurt!!

But the good thing is that I’ve now bitten the cherry and know where the gate is (it wasn’t hard to find 😳 ) so lunch times are now going to be much more productive 😀

Just need to get myself a small fan to put at my desk as I came back looking like a beetroot 😯

Jadey, in answer to your question, you are quite correct, I did adapt the original recipe that I saw on the Better Homes show a few weeks ago. I swapped the mushrooms and leeks for bacon and onion though, which made them even nicer 😀