Exercise: Melbourne Marathon 5km 4km Run (8’s Blue)

It was a beautifully clear morning when I got out of bed. A bit chilly, but the sun was already out and the sky was a clear blue, just the way I like it 😀

Hubby drove me to the station so I could catch the train into town (trying to be smart as I knew that I’d have a couple of glasses of champers after the run). I didn’t understand though why Metlink decided that on one of the busiest Sunday mornings in Melbourne, they would decide that a 3 carriage train might be adequate 🙄 To say it was squishy was an understatement!

I got to the MCG a little bit earlier than planned so I just sat in the sun, people watching until I met Cilla. It’s been a while since I’ve shown my lilly whites in public, and they certainly need a bit of toning and sunshine to bring them back into a shape that I’ll be happy with 😳

We left our bags with Cilla’s Hubby (thankyou!) and headed down to the start line. We weren’t too far from the front of the pack, but far enough away that we still got caught in a couple of bottlenecks once we got moving 😡

I was having a wonderful time, singing along and nattering to Cilla. All too soon the MCG came into sight. We caught up with Lee and RJ just as we ran up the bridge. Then it was into the MCG to run around the haloed turf 🙄

Confusion reigned. My Garmin said that we had only done 3.6km as we headed into the G, so I was thinking that maybe we had to do an extra lap once inside. Nope, we went under the finish line in 4.05km by my watch.

I got a little bit worried and said to Cilla that maybe we’d cut off a bit of the course without realising, but all we’d done is follow everyone else.

We found Cilla’s Hubby and headed down to the Transport Bar to meet up with the regulars. Along the way we found Shells, who did the 1/2 marathon, and was also on her way to the Pub 😀

It was agreed that we definitely had only run 4km as Andrew’s Garmin had also registered just under 4km. I’m at a loss to understand why the organisers would advertise a 5km race and then cut off a whole km. Just doesn’t make sense. I don’t think I’ll be doing this distance run again if it is going to be the same course next year. I’m hoping to be back up to running 1/2 marathon distances 😀

Huge congratulations to everyone who participated today, especially Berny, who completed her first Marathon 😀

This was everyone waiting for Berny to run past the Pub. Only 2km to the finish from here!

And how can I forget to mention my bestest buddy. She decided that a marathon was just not far enough for her, so she entered the 100km GOW run instead and finished 2nd Female in 18 hours. Yes you read that right, 18 hours!!! I can’t go on enough about this amazing woman. She just keeps upping the ante! 😀 😀 😀