Exercise: 11.6km Walk – Jells Park to Churchill National Park (Sequences)

This morning was the first TW training session.

Michelle and I drove over to Churchill National Park in separate cars so that I could leave my car there and then I jumped in her car and we drove over to Jells Park to meet up with Cilla and Shells.

So much for the accurate weather forecast. On the way over to Churchill National Park it rained, but to make up for the yukky rain, there was a pretty rainbow out. It was also cold when we got to Jells Park, and as neither Cilla or Shells had arrived yet, Michelle and I both ordered a Latte from the Cafe (and it was a good one too!).

So once Shells and Cilla arrived we set off on our first trek along the trail. The weather had cleared up a bit by this stage and it didn’t take long to warm up and for the jackets to come off.

There were plenty of cyclists along the trail, including one very rude man who screamed at us to keep left, even though we had no idea he was coming up behind us as he didn’t call out or use a bell 😡

I did manage to refrain from saying something obscene to him, but was sorely tempted to when we saw him coming back past us a bit later on. Of course being the lady that I am ( 🙄 ) I refrained 😀

We walked through some of the bushfire ravaged area and alot of the trees have not started regenerating any new greenery regrowth. It was hauntingly quiet as we walked along the trail through the trees.

We got to my car in good time, jumped in and headed back to Jells park, where we indulged in a spot of lunch at the Cafe before everyone headed off to do Sunday afternoon things 😀

For some reason the camera decided to have a little camera shake while on self timer!!

I did a bit of ironing this afternoon, then hit the garden for some weeding and potted a few new tubes that I bought yesterday at Bunnings. I also made some Double Choc Chip Muffins for lunch this week 😀

My plan tomorrow is to run home from work 😯