Exercise: 11.9km Walk – Local Streets (8’s Blue)

Just got back from a walk with TW Michelle. It’s a beautiful morning out there.

Michelle showed me some hills this morning that I haven’t seen before. It’s a local road in Wonga Park. One of those roads where the sign says “Dry Weather Road Only” For previous TW girls, think Hacketts Road 😯

I actually wanted to walk further than 12km but my tummy told me otherwise. Had to cut it short as I’m just not feeling great (don’t want to go into too much detail, but you get the drift!). I’m not sure what’s going on there as it’s been bloated pretty much all week, with this morning’s activity just topping it off 😳

The new TW team are meeting up tomorrow for our first training walk. Should be fun. Distance wise, not too far, but we are “on the trail”. 😀