Exercise: 9.9km Run/Walk – Local Streets (Trigons)

It was lucky that I didn’t see the missed call from TW Michelle when I got home tonight otherwise I might not have gotten changed to go out for our walk.

Luckily I did get changed before I rang her back, only to find that she wasn’t able to make our walk. So instead, I headed out on my own, looking to do our normal 10km hilly circuit. I found after I’d walked up the big hill just near home I had the urge to run, and so run I did. Ran all the down bits and the flat bits and just walked up the hills.

I absolutely loved the run. It was one of those ones where the body didn’t whinge or moan at all, and I felt strong and full of energy (and that doesn’t happen too often!!).

Made me realise that I still love running 😀

On a sour note, it seems that Oxfam have taken it upon themselves to change the way teams now register for Trailwalker. If you wanted to sign up today, it was on the provisio that the team raised $5,000. For teams expecting to raise $3,000 entry opens on the 15th October, and for teams who can raise $1,000 we have to wait until the 29th October to register. I think that there’s going to be a mad dash to register on the 29th October!!