Exercise: 11km Walk – Local Streets (Trigons)

I was determined to leave work on time tonight so that I could meet TW Michelle for a long walk. As it happened, Alana’s Vacation Care program rang at about 4.30 to say that she’d fallen over and bumped her head pretty hard and could I come and pick her up, so I got away even earlier than planned 😀

I did a bit of a sneaky tonight and didn’t tell Michelle about the hill I was going to take her up. It was only as we were walking down the first hill did she notice the incline of the hill that we were about to walk up 😀

She did good though and we only stopped once for about 30 seconds so that she could get her breath back.

Registrations open on Thursday for Oxfam Trailwalker so I’ll be ready and waiting 😀

The new TW girls met up on Saturday for some lunch at a nice Cafe in Warrandyte (www.warrenglen.com.au) where we had nice girly chats and got to know each other a bit better. Food was pretty good too!!