Exercise: 4km Spring into Shape Fun Run (Trigons)

I signed up for the full series of this year’s Spring into Shape as a motivation to carry on running, so I thought I’d better go to the first one, even though it was raining when I got out of bed, and you all know how much I hate running in the rain.

This is the first fun run I’ve been to in a long time where I didn’t have my bestest buddy with me and it certainly wasn’t as much fun as it usually is when she’s by my side 😦

I was happy to see that once I hit the Eastlink, there was no rain 😀

Parked up near the Tan and wandered along with the crowd up to the start (with a diversion to the ladies loos first!). I missed out on doing the aerobics workout as I was still standing in line to get my race number, and by the time I’d got to the front of the queue, put both my number and foot timing chip on, it was time to wander over to the start line.

The first kilometer was all about dodging in and out of the walkers and slower runners, before finding a bit of room to actually get into a rythmn. And then all too soon it was over and the finish line was in sight. Tried to make a last dash for the finish line, which felt fast to me, but was probably all in my head 🙄

Lined up for the showbag and then lined up for the t-shirt. I might just use the t-shirt as a training one as it’s bright orange and I don’t have anything to co-ordinate with it 😆

Have looked up the results this afternoon (great effort by SIS to get them up so soon) and I came 23rd in my age group and 250th overall. I’m more than happy with that 😀

I’m now looking to work on bettering my time for the next run.

Have been baking again. Need to get back into cooking as Trailwalker is looming fast and fundraising will be necessary 😀
These are some banana and choc chip muffins that will be a nice addition to my lunch box this week!