Exercise: 8.2km Walk – Local Streets (Sequences)

I have a new goal 😀

I have managed to coerce some wonderful women to come and walk 100km with me next April 😀

Training started last night. One of my new team members, Michelle (yes another Michelle!!) lives near me, so we met up tonight for a walk around the local (hilly) streets.

As usual I overdressed for the occasion, so had to start stripping off before I’d even walked a kilometre 🙄

I have had a job offer 😀

The company I’m temping for at the moment had advertised the position both internally and externally so I applied, as it was something that I think I can really get my teeth into, and it’s also something that is new to me, so hopefully will give me a whole lot of experience that I can add to my Resume!

I won’t actually highlight the company, but I can say that they are a big retail organisation, found in most shopping centres, with women being the main customer 😉

The only downside is that I have to start at 8.30am, which means that I won’t be able to drop Alana at school in the mornings on my way to work. Hubby will now need to do the honours, or else she’ll have to go into before school care if he’s working.

Okay, need to go and get comfy on the couch to enjoy So You Think You Can Dance. I hope Brandon wins 😀