Exercise: 7km Run – MMCT (8’s Blue)

Well that was a bit of wild and windy weather yesterday wasn’t it 😯

I’d planned to meet a friend after work and go for a nice 10km walk, but it didn’t seem like such a good idea once that storm rolled in, so we cancelled. Amazingly, the storm died right out within an hour, so maybe we could have gone out after all.

Michelle suggested we meet up this morning for a run, which I am always happy to do if I am able (hubbys shift work dictates!!). I had heard the weather forecast so was a little bit worried that we might have to abandon the idea because of the strong winds and heavy rain.

No such luck. It was a perfect morning for running. The wind hadn’t picked back up again from last night and it was clear and bright (well maybe the headlamps added a bit more brightness too!).

There were a few trees down across the trail, but we managed to get around them. Surprisingly there was nobody else on the trail at all though.

I stopped when we got back to the cars, but Michelle carried on as she was doing her long run this morning.

Has anyone else started to watch Australian Idol at all? I’m hooked on Scott. I think he has a fantastic voice for somebody who’s never sung at all. He was certainly the best of the bunch tonight, that’s for sure 😀

Still waiting to find out if I’ve got the job I applied for 🙄