Exercise: 5km Run -Treadmill, Bike Intervals – (Trigons)

You know that it’s been a while since you’ve visited the gym when you get texts from them saying that they miss you and ‘please come back’ 😳

I took Alana to Bunnings tonight for a Cub craft night, so there really was no excuse not to go to the gym as I have to actually drive right past it.

The treadmill run was painful and took forever. I had to stop after every kilometre to stretch my legs out. My right calf felt like it was going to cramp and was very tight. Whenever it feels like that I always have flashbacks to when I tore my calf. I just never want that to happen again 😯

I then jumped on the bike to do some intervals. The usual 60 seconds flat out with 60 seconds recovery. I wasn’t sure how much fitness I’d lost doing these, as I haven’t done them for ages. Happy to say that I got through them without puking or fainting 😀

My legs have pulled up really well after Sunday’s run. I’m a little sore in my quads, and as already mentioned, my right calf it a little tight, but other than that the body has held up well 😀

Am now addicted to ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ 🙄