Exercise: 7km Run – MMCT (Sequences)

Another early morning run. Definitely not so cold now. I actually forgot my gloves this morning, but was surprised that I didn’t actually need them. I had a little moment just as we got to the turn around point. All of a sudden I felt very nauseous and had a bit of a dry retch. I think I’d just overheated as I had on my thermal hat. I took it off along with my long sleeved top, and after a couple of minutes I felt much better. Felt fine on the return run back to the car. Weird 😯

It’s been a busy few days I have to say.

A quick review of the show “Busting Out”.

Hilarious, outrageous. Prudes should not attend!! Honestly, the things these two women did with their boobs was just amazing!! 😆

The food at De Bortoli Winery was beautifully cooked and tasted fantastic. Still can’t understand though how they can justify charging more than 100% more for a bottle of their wine at the winery compared to buying it in the bottle shop 😯

The drive through The Dandenongs was enjoyable and relaxing. The drive back down the mountain to get to my daughter’s school in time to pick her up was a bit hair raising!