Exercise: 5km Walk into town and back, 7km Run – Local Streets, Squash Game (8’s Blue)

Well I’ve done hardly any exercise for the last 2 weeks and today I pack in as much as I can 🙄

We walked into town along a nice trail, looking for fresh coffee and Croissants at the local bakery. You know you’re in the country when you ask for Croissants only to be told that they have none left, but if we are happy to wait for 15 minutes, they’ll just whip up a few for us 😀

After we got back from town, I decided to make the most of the weather (the sun was out) and changed into running gear. I ran around the local streets (if that’s what you call long straight dusty roads), and when I got back Hubby was waiting on the squash court for me.

I’m never one to refuse a game of squash, so I raced around the court for 45 minutes or so. I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow 😯