Exercise: 9.7km Run – Wetlands Numurkah (Sequences)

Tiptoes in the back door very quietly with head down hoping nobody will notice

Am having a mini break this week. It’s nice to get away from everyday life and just chill out for a little while.

Staying up in the country, it’s very quiet, and the mornings are VERY crisp 😯

I waited until lunch time to run as I really didn’t want to wear so many clothes that I’d look like the Michelan Man 😀

There is a lovely wetlands area near to where we are staying, so I headed out there. It was only when I was about half way around and had stopped for a stretch near a big sign which had lots of info about the wetlands did I read that among other animals that inhabit the area are Eastern Brown Snakes and Tiger Snakes 😯

So after my hasty exit from that area I found another trail that ran alongside the river. Well you can’t really call it a river any more as there is just a brown sludge in the bottom now. Bit of a shock to see how much the lack of rain has affected so many areas of the state.

I had to go and get some food from the local IGA and I was very pleasantly surprised to not only have my bags packed for me by a packing boy, but he also pushed my trolley to the car 😀
Not sure if this is a good thing or not 🙄

And I have to say a huge congratulations to my bestest buddy who completed yet another ultra marathon today (without me again 😦 ). I am so impressed by her total dedication to achieving her goals that she sets for herself 😀