Exercise: 7km Run – MMCT (8’s Blue)

Can you see the time on the clock in the photo above? That was the time I met Michelle this morning for a run. Yes, we have to now go to extremes just to catch up for a run, such is the busy life that we both lead 😯

Yes it was cold, yes it was very dark, and yes it was spooky running along the trail 😀

I’ve picked up some more temp work and this has once again affected my exercise routine. It’s just way too easy to go straight home instead of going to the gym after work. I haven’t found out yet if there are showers at work, because if I do happen to find some then I may take an hour for lunch and go for a run. That would be an easy way to get my exercise in. I could then, if I so wished, do a workout at home in the evening, without the pressure of having to go out for a run in the dark and cold by myself.

Cilla, in answer to your question about the eating plan that includes Muffins, I didn’t tell you about the OTHER eating plan that I sometimes eat by. It’s the one that I use when everything seems out of control and too much hassle. I seem to refer to this plan often 🙄