Exercise: 8.5km Walk – Home to Shops and back (Sequences)

I’m baaaacccckkkk!! 😀

Yes it’s been a while! No I’ve done absolutely NOTHING since the last time I posted 😳

I sat in my PJ’s until about 3pm this afternoon, then thought that if Michelle could do a 75km bike ride in the wind and rain this morning then I could get off my fat a*se and walk to the shops to get a lottery ticket!!

Now I could have gone to the local shops to get my ticket, but it really would not have been worth all the effort of getting dressed, so I thought it much better to walk to the shops that were just over 4km away instead!!

I got myself all rugged up as it looked cold and windy, putting on my neck warmer, hat and gloves, along with my waterproof jacket as the skies looked pretty grey and ominous. I also armed myself with my trusty umbrella as I wanted to buy a few things from the supermarket and I would be wearing a backpack which I didn’t want to get soaking wet.

Within the first 2km I had to take off my hat, neck warmer and my gloves as I was stinking hot 🙄

Then I had to use my trusty umbrella about 3km into my walk as the heavens opened up. I did look a little bit bedraggled when I walked into the shopping centre, and left a small trail of water through the supermarket 😳

Luckily the rain had stopped when I walked out of the shopping centre to get back home. My butt and hip are still hurting though, which is really annoying as I thought the break from doing exercise may have helped, but alas, not so 😦