Yes, yes Stu, I’m getting around to posting some of the photos (not all of them will make it onto the internet 😉 )

So it was a fantastic evening out. We ended up at Marquee in South Melbourne. I think we were one of the first to arrive, due to the free drink if we get there before 10pm. You had to also mention a password, which was “Love Game”, so I was told. I automatically thought of John Paul Young, but was later told that it was Lady Gaga’s song 😳 (showing my age there!!).

It didn’t take long for the place to fill up (with children mainly 😯 ) but as we’d got there early, we’d grabbed a table and a good spot near the dance floor. They played mostly current stuff until about 11pm, when the upstairs room opened and most of the kids went up there. The music then changed to loads of 80’s stuff and we all jumped on the dance floor and boogied the rest of the night away 😀