Exercise: 7.5km Walk – Lilydale Lake (8’s Blue)

Geez I’m really not enjoying the sudden burst of winter. The wind this morning was really bitter and it went right through me. It took me until 5km before I took off my gloves. Neck warmer, hat and jacket were kept firmly in place. It was only when I got in the car when I’d finished that I finally felt warm 😯

Went to the Chiro again today and she worked on my hamstring, which is really tight and pulling badly. Now when I say she worked on my hamstring, she didn’t actually touch the hamstring, she played around with my foot, my back and my pelvis, which in turn has loosened my hamstring. Weird huh 😀

Okay, gotta go get dolled up for the girly night out. Should be a good one 😀