My life has revolved around food over the last couple of weeks.

I’ve changed my eating habits and am now following a 6 week metabolism restart plan (if anyone is interested I can send you a pdf of the plan 😀 )

So as I had a bit of spare time on my hands, I thought I’d take you through my food intake for a day 😀

Breakfast starts with Bacon and Eggs, followed by a small banana. The bacon is free range (supposed to be organic but I just can’t justify paying $12 for 8 pieces!!). Eggs are supposed to be organic, but once again I just can’t justify the extra $4, so I’m using free range, barn laid!!

Next are my snacks. I have these in between breakfast and lunch, and also between lunch and dinner. My favourites are almonds, strawberries and carrots, but I can also substitute chicken sausages for the almonds if I wan’t a bit more fullness!! There’s also the option of having 2 hard boiled eggs, which I mix with a bit of organic butter then mash it all up and add a few bacon bits on the top for flavour 😀

Lunch is usually a salad with either Tuna on top or a Turkey Burger, which I’ve added Chilli and Lime seasoning to so that it gives the burger a bit of zing 😀

Then comes dinner. Stirfry with Chicken. I also add some Soy Sauce and some Extra Virgin Olive Oil to cook the chicken in. These give flavour. (The Apple Cider Vinegar goes on my salad at lunch!). I chuck some spinach into the veggies too.

There’s a bit of prep work involved, which I’ve done on a Sunday. I cook up the Turkey Burgers, cut up the Chicken and Carrot sticks and measure out and bag my Almonds. This then means that I’m set up for the week and it’s quick and easy to organise and prepare everything 😀

Am happy to report that I’ve now dropped 3kg in 2 weeks!