Exercise: 10km Walk – Local (hilly) Streets (Sequences)

Isn’t it great that we’re finally getting some rain. Not sure if it’s reached the catchment areas though, but happy that it’s reached my garden and my new roses are being watered in well 😀

I needed a few things from the supermarket today so decided to walk. I know that it’s a 10km round trip as Michelle and I used to run the loop a couple of years ago.

Can’t believe the price of strawberries has risen by $2 a punnet in a week. Did something happen that I am not aware of? Does everything go up in price on the 1st June? 😯

I saw this sign on my travels today and for some reason it just doesn’t do it for me 🙄

Here’s the photo of the lake that I took on Friday. It’s actually an area out the back, in the wetlands part of the park.

And a big HA HA to Chris on Masterchef. So much for your plan to pair up warring couples. Backfired hey 😆

This is my new favourite song at the moment