Exercise: Netball Game

Hang on a minute. It’s not Monday night so how come I’m playing Netball you ask 😀

I had a phone call from one of the girls I play with on Monday night. She also plays with another team on a Thursday night and I’d given her my number in case she ever needed a fill in. Well tonight was the night!!

It was at a different complex over in Vermont South. The game started at 8.30, and me being me, I made sure I left with plenty of time to spare if I got lost. Luckily it was very easy to find, and by taking Eastlink, I arrived 30 minutes early 🙄

We played against a team who’s comibined age couldn’t have been more than 20 😯

This meant, of course, that the game was very fast, and those little girls just kept running and running and running!! I tripped and fell over in the first quarter, and grabbed at the first thing I could as I fell. This happened to be my opponent, who I dragged down with me 😳 If I hadn’t grabbed her, my fall would have been much harder, and of course I had to fall on my right glute too, which absolutely killed me!

Unfortunately we lost the game, but I got a great workout, and that’s what counts 😀