Exercise: Bodyweight Circuit, Bike Intervals

Back to the gym again this morning. I almost considered going back home after dropping Alana off and doing my workout there, but I know how easily I get distracted, so it was better for me to go to the gym.

My circuit today consisted of 3 rounds of the following:

15 x Y Squats
15 x Pushups
12 x Forward Lunges (each side)
15 x Decline Pushups
60 x Jumping Jacks
15 x Mountain Climbers (each side)

Followed this up with 3 rounds of:

8 x Dumbell Shoulder Press
12 x Dumbell Rows

I then jumped on the bike and did 6 intervals of 45 seconds flat out, with 45 seconds recovery inbetween.

My monthly massage appointment with Corrie was this afternoon and it couldn’t have come quick enough. I’m having alot of problems with my right glute, hip and hamstring. I can’t sit straight on the couch, I have to sit on an angle so that my right glute doesn’t touch the cushiion. It aches if I sit straight and I find it really hard to get up and move comfortably.

It’s amazing that you couldn’t hear me screaming as it hurt alot today. I know that Corrie had to back off a bit, compared to how hard she normally digs her elbows in as she could tell I was flinching, taking deep breaths and curling my toes constantly 😀

It seems that my hips are definitely out of whack and I’m not straight 😯

So I’ve made an appointment to see a Chiropractor that Corrie recommended. I hope it helps as I can’t even run comfortably at the moment, which is why I’m doing all the walking instead 😦

My new eating plan is going really well. I feel like I’m constantly eating and have not felt hungry once 😀 The scales are being nice to me too!