Exercise: 6km Walk – Local Streets (Propels)

I had to go and get my blood test results this morning.

Happy to report that I am the perfect specimen 😀

Everything was fine. Cholesterol was 4 (very, very good I was told). Liver good, iron levels good, thyroid good, blood stuff good 😀

So taking that into account, I am just eating the wrong foods (and probably way too much) and doing the wrong type of exercise (or not enough of the right type) 🙄

As my morning had been taken up with doctors, shopping etc., I decided that I’d park my car close to Alana’s school early and walk around the local area. It was nice to take a different path for a change. I love looking in people’s gardens to see if they have plants that I like the look of. Gives me some ideas of what to buy for my garden. Ideally I’d love to take a cutting too, but I think that I may get charged with trespassing 😀