Exercise: 6.7km Run/Walk – Lilydale Lake (Trigons)

A very overcast and grey morning certainly didn’t put a spring in my step and I certainly didn’t feel like racing out the door for a run 🙄

Hubby being the wonderful person that he is offered to come with me down to Lilydale Lake. This certainly perked me up and gave me the motivation to get my a*se out there.

I wanted to have a run this morning, whereas Hubby was happy to walk, so we compromised and I walked up the hill at the back of the lake with him, and whilst he walked back down the hill, I ran back down via the trail and around to the bottom of the hill again.

Luckily the rain didn’t eventuate, although it got really windy as we were walking back to the car.

My Chicken casserole was awesome. So awesome in fact that I had it for lunch and dinner today as well 😀