I’m not eating enough vegetables.

I’ve just worked out an easier way to add more vegies.

Currently all my vegies reside in the big freezer that is in the laundry. I’ve now moved them into the fridge/freezer that is in the kitchen.

I realised that I was just too lazy to walk into the laundry to get them out, then put them back when I was finished with them. Ridiculous I know 🙄

Ridiculous also because I don’t even question going to the big freezer to take out meat when I need it, I just do it!!!

Simple when you know how 😀

I’m also trying to cut some bread out of my diet. I eat way too much 😳

So instead of toast in the morning I’m now having porridge. And instead of a sandwich for lunch I’m having something like muesli with yoghurt and then some grapes, or tuna, parmesan cheese and cous cous.

So let’s see how that goes shall we 😀