Exercise: AM – Bodyweight Circut & Bike Intervals
PM – Netball Game

In response to a couple of comments –

Sara, Prisoner Squats are just squats with your hands behind your head 😀

JoJo, the Whoosh Fairy is the one who comes and whooshes weight away unexpectedly 😀

Unfortunaely said Whoosh Fairy has decided that I’m not worthy any more and has bestowed it all back again 😦

Todays circuit consisted of the following:

5 x Pullups
10 x Repeated Jumps
15 x Pushups
10 x Walking Lunges
5 x Chinups
10 x Mountain Climbers
10 x Inverted Rows
10 x 1 Leg Deadlift
25 x Bike Crunches
15 x Step Ups (each side)
10 x Decline Pushups

Followed by 3 sets of:

12 x Dumbell Shoulder Press
12 x Dumbell Row

Then 2 sets of:

30 second Side Plank (per side)
10 x Stability Ball Roll Out
6 x Bird Dogs
10 x Cross Body Mountain Climbers.

I thought I’d do my intervals on the treadmill this morning, but when I started running I realised that I didn’t have a supportive enough bra on and it was a bit uncomfortable, so it was back to the bike for 7 sets of 45 seconds flat out, with 45 seconds recovery.

Netball tonight (2nd last game of the season – phew!!) and it was a very close game right the way through. The teams were very evenly matched, although I think we actually had a bit more speed when it came to getting the ball down to the goal end. We won by 2 goals, and they were only shot in the last couple of minutes 😀