Exercise: 9km Run/Walk – Treadmill (8’s Blue)

Just a quick post this morning as I’ve got to get ready to meet Alana at school for lunch. They have a family day once a year to celebrate being a family. We get to eat lunch on the school oval and it’s an excuse for the kids to eat some kind of junk food, which the parents bring along with them 🙄

The plan today was for a 10km run around the Lake, but it was wet and drizzly so I settled for the gym instead. I actually wasn’t feeling too good when I started out on the treadmill, so thought that I’d just walk for a while. I did a km warm up and then ran for a km, walked for 300 metres, ran for a km etc etc.

I worked up the speed each km that I ran, with the last being at 11.5kph 😯

I’ve been using the showers at the gym so I’m hoping that the water bill will show a significant drop when I get the next one 😀