Exercise: Bodyweight Circuit, Bike Intervals

It was really quiet in the gym this morning, which was strange as it’s always fairly busy. I think it might have been because there was no spin class (it’s a very popular class).

Good for me that it wasn’t busy as I had the whole weights area to myself (even though I didn’t use any weights!!).

Here’s todays (very tiring) bodyweight circuit (3 rounds)

10 x Burpees
20 x Prisoner Squats
20 x Pushups
20 x Walking Lunges (each way)
10 x Inverted Rows
10 x Bulgarian Split Squats
15 x Cross Body Mountain Climbers
40 x Jumping Jacks

Then it was 6 intervals on the bike (45 seconds flat out with 45 seconds recovery). I didn’t have time to do any abs today as I had a Doctor’s appointment that I had to get to, even though I had to wait for an hour when I got there before I actually saw the Doctor 🙄

On another note, the whoosh fairy has been 😀