Exercise: 46km Bike Ride – Home to Jells Park and back

I was up early this morning as Alana had an excursion and had to be at school early. It was very cold and very foggy, so I was a little concerned that my plans for today would have to change 😦

Luckily the sun came out a couple of hours later and lifted all the fog and the day warmed up nicely 😀

It was a fantastic day to cycle. Hubby and I left home at about Midday and made our way along the trails to Jells Park. There was hardly anyone both on the trails and at Jells Park, so it was a pretty good cycle at a decent pace.

We had a coffee at the Cafe and then sat watching some students doing some kind of training on the grass.

Some of the birds were so tame that they came right up to our feet.

Can you see the bark on the tree? It’s wound itself around the tree, rather than just going straight up and down!

My Garmin has been playing up recently and SportsTracks is having problems finding it and also downloading the info. Thought I’d check to see if there was an update from Garmin and somehow I’ve managed to delete everything off it, including the bike ride today and the last couple of runs I did (which I hadn’t downloaded yet 😦 ). Maybe time to consider upgrading 😉