Exercise: Bodyweight Circuit, Bike Intervals

I was really grumpy when I got up this morning and I could have easily given exercise a miss today and just stayed in bed. Okay so I couldn’t have actually stayed in bed as Alana had to be taken to school, but I could have made today a rest day and just lazed about the house (which is what I really felt like doing).

Once again the memory came back of how I felt trying on clothes (it’s never going to go away now is it!!!) and I got myself dressed for the gym.

In all honesty, the bodyweight circuit and bike intervals take no longer than an hour. That’s it. Why am I complaining???

So this was today’s circuit. As usual, 3 rounds of the following:

20 x Prisoner Squats
20 x Pushups
10 x continuous Jumps
10 x Bodyweight Rows
20 x Lunges
15 x Closegrip Pushups
5 x Bodyweight Rows

Jumped on the bike for 8 intervals today (45 seconds flat out, 45 second recovery).

Then it was down on the mat for 2 sets of:

10 x Stability Ball Jacknife
30 seconds Side Plank (each side)
10 x Cross Body Mountain Climbers
10 x Stability Ball Rollouts
15 x Bike Crunches

Met up with all the regulars at the pub yesterday after Puffing Billy. A lovely afternoon with great company.

I’m trying to cut down on my junky food intake at the moment. It’s so easy just to order a BLT with chips (see below), or pasta with a creamy sauce, and it’s just not helping my cause, so when I looked at the lunch menu yesterday all the bad things jumped out at me. Pat on the back for me. I ordered a spinach crepe with pumpkin and feta. It was gorgeous too and very filling 😀

This was what I had for lunch last Friday when I went to Smith Street. Lots of protein 😳