Exercise: Bodyweight Circuit, Bike Intervals

Pinch, punch, first day of the month 😀

I was told that for the first day of the month if you say “White Rabbit” as the first words that come out of your mouth it’s supposed to give you luck. Unfortunately I keep forgetting 🙄

Today’s bodyweight circuit consisted of 3 rounds of the following:

15 x Prisoner Squats
40 x Jumping Jacks
45 second Plank
15 x Stability Ball Leg Curls
12 x Incline Pushups
20 second Side Plank (each side)
10 x Spiderman Climbs
8 x Inverted Rows

Then the bike intervals (7 flat out at 45 seconds with 45 second recovery)


30 second plank on stability ball
15 x Bike Crunches
12 x Cross Body Mountain Climbers
10 x Stability Ball Rollouts

I’m so glad that I wrote out a plan this week as it seems to have worked well. I’ve just got to do something tomorrow (probably go for a run) and I’ll have done 6 days worth of exercise in a row. I can’t remember the last time I did that much in one week.

I had a little bit of a wake up call this afternoon. Met Michelle at Knox to do some shopping. I’m looking for something to wear to a 21st party, and I found a few nice things, so I tried them on. Everything felt uncomfortable and tight. I think that I’ve been kidding myself that I haven’t put on THAT much weight, but reality has now hit home. I hope I can remember my feeling of dread when it sunk in, the next time I feel like pulling the pin on doing exercise.

This has now spurred me on to put in an extra effort when doing my workouts. I think that I was just kidding myself that I hadn’t put on that much weight