Exercise: 6.5km Run/Walk – Lilydale Lake (Sequences)

My original plan today was to do a 4km run on the treadmill before doing a Body Combat class at the gym.

I changed my plans after my massage appointment with Corrie. My lower hip has been giving me a bit of grief lately so Corrie gave it a real pummeling. This morning when I woke up it was quite stiff and sore and just the thought of jumping up and down for an hour didn’t fill me with much joy.

When I got to the lake I was rugged up to the hilt. It was so cold over this side of town. My thought was to power walk 2 laps of the lake just to loosen up my hip. I did the first lap easily, then stopped off at the car to rid myself of my beanie, gloves, arm and neck warmers 🙄

On the second lap I wanted to run. The urge just came out of nowhere. I really thought that I was going to struggle, but it felt easy 😀

I’d love to have done another lap but I had a lunch appointment so didn’t have enough time.

Speaking of lunch appointments, I finally got to say goodbye to all my friends from the company that I’d been made redundant from. They’d organised a lunch today for myself and two other people who were also leaving (they’d resigned). It was great to catch up with everyone, and also to have my lunch paid for 😉