Exercise: 4km Run, Fitball Class

Firstly, Hi to CeeJay. I’m not sure how much inspiration you’ll get hanging out here, but if I can help you in finding excuses not to exercise, avoiding running in the cold and rain, or choosing the right brand of chocolate or Champagne, I’m your gal 😆

I had a conversation with Hubby last night, and realised that the reason I’m not getting stuck into the exercise as much as I can is because I don’t have a plan. Yes, I see you all rolling your eyes and asking why not!!!

I can’t really answer that question straight away as it would probably mean sitting down and analyzing all my current thoughts and emotions, and that might take a while, but I did sit down and make up an exercise plan (for this week anyway!).

So a tick in the box against today’s plan. I’ve never done a fitball class before so it was unchartered territory for me. I thought it was just going to be all core and abs, but it was almost like a regular aerobics class except it was all done around the ball. Try doing a running technique whilst sitting on the ball and bouncing up and down…..or doing jumping jacks whilst bouncing up and down on the ball 😯

I’m happy to advise that I didn’t fall off the ball, but I have a feeling that my core is going to be sore tomorrow.