Exercise: Bodyweight Circuit, Bike Intervals

Been a few days hasn’t it 🙄

This weekend just gone has got to have been one of the most lazy, slothy weekends that I’ve had in a very long time.

I literally sat on the couch all day Saturday. I’ll let you into a secret – I didn’t even get dressed. Yep, stayed in my pyjamas all day 😳

No excuse really other than it was a yukky day outside, hubby was in bed (worked night shift) and there was some good TV happening.

Sunday was similar. I did manage to have a shower and get dressed, and I ironed a load of Alana’s clothes that had been sitting in a pile waiting, waiting, waiting to be ironed. I also made a wonderful Chicken Canneloni.

I think the weather really got to me. It was so cold. I really, really hate the cold weather. Just glad that I’m not training for anything right now otherwise I’d be in serious trouble.

Are you all sitting down. I went to Smith Street on Friday with Hubby and I bought NOTHING. Did you get that, I bought NOTHING!!! 😀

We then popped into IKEA on the way home. I love the bottom floor of IKEA. There are so many cheap little kitchen things that you just have to buy. My best purchase was one of those little froth making gadgets that you put in milk. Can’t wait to try it out. Cappucinos, here I come 😆

Oh yeah, if anyone has ever tasted Dime Bars (or Daim as they are on the wrapper), we bought a bag of them on the way out of Ikea. I haven’t had them for ages and they were just as good as I remember.

Okay, back on to today’s workout.

I did 3 circuits of the following exercises:

8 x DB Incline Press
15 x Underhand Inverted Rows
8 x DB Step Ups
10 x Stability Ball Rollouts
8 x DB Incline Curl
8 x DB Tricep Extensions

This was then followed by 6 intervals on the bike at 45 seconds flat out, followed by 45 seconds recovery.

Finished off with:

30 second Plank
12 x Cross Body Mountain Climbers
30 second Side Plank (each side)
5 x Mountain Climbers