Exercise: 35km Bike Ride – Preston to Home

Hubby suggested last night that we drive to his work this morning, leave the car there and cycle home along the trails 😀

I haven’t cycled for ages, and both Hubby and Michelle had told me about the hills along the Eastlink trail, so I was slightly hesitant, but also excited as I do enjoy riding my bike.

The weather was superb. The trails were fantastic, the hills not as bad as I’d thought and the company was excellent 😆

We didn’t push for any speed, but just cruised along, chatting and enjoying the scenery. It took us just over 2.5 hours cycling time. We did stop a couple of times for a drink and photos but otherwise it was just cycling 😀

I made the most yummo smoothie when I got home. I’d bought some frozen yoghurt last week and had some frozen berries that’d been in the freezer for a while, so I added these, a banana and some milk to the blender, gave it all a whizz, and, voila, a great tasting smoothie just appeared 😀