Exercise: Bodyweight Circuits, Bike Intervals

Headed straight down to the gym after I’d dropped Alana at school this morning.

It was fairly busy, but nobody was using the weights area. There was a body pump class on and a spin class, and most people were doing one of these classes. Works for me 😀

My workout consisted of 3 circuits of the following:

15 x Y Squats
15 x Pushups
15 x Lunges (each leg)
15 x Decline Pushups (feet on bench)
60 x Jumping Jacks
15 x Mountain Climbers (each side)

I then did the following:

5 sets of:

5 x Dumbell Curls
5 x Dumbell Tricep Extensions (lying flat on bench)

4 sets of:

6 x Barbell Curls
6 x Barbell Incline Tricep Extensions

2 sets of:

8 x Incline Dumbell Curls
8 x Tricep Rope Extensions (on lat pull down machine)

This was then followed by 6 intervals of 45 seconds flat out, and then 45 seconds recovery on the bike. I upped the resistance a bit more today when I was doing the flat out bit, and then reduced it right back down to easy peasy when I was recovering.

I just hope it goes some way in reducing the impact on my body from the BLT and chips I had yesterday 😳

Speaking of which, Michelle and I had a fantastic day out yesterday. We went up to Docklands and wandered around the new Harbourtown. Alot of the shops are still not open, but there are plenty that have opened, and we just wandered in and out of most of them.

I bought a new pair of long black boots, which I’ve been looking for over the last couple of years and have never really found any that are either in my price range or are in my taste range 😀

I also bought 21st presents, 50th birthday presents and Mothers Day presents too. A very worthwhile day out 😀

We were both really weary by the time we got back to the car though.