Exercise: Bodyweight Circuit, Bike Intervals

Well as they say, no news is pretty bad news in my books 🙄

Yep, since Wednesday I’ve done no exercise, apart from shopping for birthday presents 😉

Today I made a concerted effort to get down to the gym. It was nice and quiet too 😀

My bodyweight workout consisted of 3 circuits of the following:

15 x Y Squats
10 x Decline Pushups
10 x Step Ups (per side)
30 x Pushups
20 x Bodyweight Squats
15 x Spiderman Climbs (per side)
10 x Forward Lunges (per side)
10 x Close Grip Pushups
15 x Stability Ball Leg Curls
10 x Inverted Rows

I then jumped on the bike and did an interval workout going 45 seconds flat out, with a 45 second recovery.

Jo Jo, with regards to your question about my glute and hip being better, the answer is a big fat NO. I’m just trying to work through it. Luckily there is one of those really hard foam rollers at the gym, so I’m using that at the end of my workout and it does seem to relieve some of the pain. I might invest in one so that I can use it as home as well. Michelle told me where I can buy one locally 😀

My luck is in at the moment. Last week I had a bit of a win on the Pokies and this week I’ve had a nice win on the Intralot Keno and also a small win on Tattslotto. Just waiting for the BIG one now 😆